zondag 21 november 2010

White sock holliday

We receiverd these pictures and story from a fan of our blog:
"...My girlfriend and did a cruise aroudn GB. We always like to wear white socks without shoes, so the whole day on board of the boat, we left our shoes in our cabin and did everything on our socks. It is so great! Also when we went ouside we wear shoes as less as possible. These pictures i took from my girlsfriend in Scotland, relaxing on the shore and in one of the deckchairs onbaord of the cruiseboat. Thank God for a site of yours, wher we can find much more people who like to wear white socks. That';s not easy to find these days with that stupid white sock fobia that is going on everywhere. We met a nice couple via your blog and we will meet them soon for a nice "whitesock party"...

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