donderdag 24 juni 2010

Still more girls dare to wear white socks
The white socks fobia comes to an end
Please girls, wear wear white again
it's so much better then black or coloured socks or stockings or footies or bare foot or...

more contributions from our fans

me and my dog at home

I prefer long white socks, wrote yvon from New York.
"I like walking without socks through the streets and park"
I'm sure lots of people like that view...!

me, being sexy in whte


on the trampoline
I like the occasion kicking out my shoes
and showing my white socks to the world

Still more girls are wearing white. Coolness is back!!!!

saskia wrote: I never wear shoes. I walk in my white socks everywhere!
Very good saskia, you're the girl!!!

even in class we always wear socks, without shoes, wrote carla from Minnesota


I like white socks...

lots of pictures sent by our fans

Maaike shows her white socked foot

Jennifer always takes her shoes off, while walking in the dunes

Sis likes wearing white socks

Priscilla walks in her white socks when shopping in the mall of Dallas

sasha looking sexy in her white socks

on the trampoline, making her white socks dirty

friend in white socks
(They wrote: we never never never wear other colours then white!!!!)

vriendinnenclub uit Nederland

sexy Josy posing in her white socs

carla showing her white socked feet

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picture taken by my boyfriend, who loves seeing me in white socks

de mutsenclub. Wij lopen mat zijn allen graag op witte sokken door musea
(zie recenties op )

more contributions

me on my white socks
sexy isn't it???


in de speeltuin op sokken

lekker op straat zonder schoenen aan

breakdancen op sokken

yogales op sokjes