donderdag 27 januari 2011

white socks found on the web

white socks in library of tilburg

white socks in library and homeshoppingstore

playing chess in white socks

white socks in Tilburg / Netherlands

library of Tilburg

library of Tilburg

de Pont museum in Tilburg

de Pont museum in Tilburg

in the train to Tilburg

on white socks in the Natuurmuseum in Tilburg

white socks in Textiel Museum Tilburg (2)

with my friends I visited the Textiel MUseum in Tilburg.
We left our shoes in he locker and walked through the museum in our white cotton socks.
It was a nice experience to do. We also visited some other museums in Tilbur and everywhere we kicked off our shoes...
Regards from Jennifer, Indi and Cathrin.

white socks in Textiel Museum Tilburg

dinsdag 25 januari 2011

candid socks

sexy girls in white socks

more of these girls, bu then naked:

white socks video

walking in white socks through the Grafisch Museum in Breda

candid socks

candid socks in the van der Valk hotel in Houten. When I was there a nice looking girl walked around in the lobby in her white socks, without shoes...

in the grafisch museum in Breda


more pictures of girls in white socks @ the grafisch museum in Breda

Op witte sokjes door het Grafisch Museum in Breda

heerlijk museum om op sokjes rond te lopen. Schoenen in een kluisje en gaan!
geen vervelende suppoosten, maar een alleraardigst meisje die je verder helpt.
Geen onvertogen woord over het lopen zonder schoenen door het museum.
Zo hoort het!