maandag 14 december 2009

reaction from the world famous artist Pipilotti Rist on this blog

Dear AdamThank you very much for your lovely email! I also appreciate your blog a lot. I am washing my feet in innocence.I wish you heaven on earth! Kindest pipilottiOn 03.12.09 18:36,

Hello Pipilotti, I enjoyed your exibitions "Elixer" in both Boymans (Rotterdam) and Kisko (Helsinki) very much. The whole entourage, the music, the serenity were great. I walked days and days on the exibitions. And, because you invited all visitors to take of shoes I learned how great it is to walk through a museum without shoes, on socks. I not only visited the Elixer, but the whole museum on socks. First I got some reactions, but since more and more people were walking on their socks through the museums I got less reactions. I started to walk in every museum I visited to walk on socks. I specially like white socks. Not the sport socks with stripes, but the thin cotton white socks. I also found out that lot of men and women like white socks, while the public opinion is that white socks are not done.I even started a project with a few fellow white sock lovers: . Maybe you can do something with this theme in your art expression. A movie of people walking in white socks for example. Since your video;'s don't suffer from any taboo's, I think you can break the last taboo: wearing white socks ;-) I want to thank you for your art and I like to hear your reaction on my suggestion and our blog.Thanks and hope to hear from you... Best Regards,Adam

Please look for Pipilotti Rist at google and be amazed about her art...

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